With more than 14,000 cases within 24 hours, South Africa records the highest single-day COVID 19 increase.

On the 23rd of December 2020, South Africa recorded the highest single-day Covid-19

cases of over 14000. This has led the Health Minister Dr. Zweli Mkhize to insist on the review of the current restrictions within the country.

Combatting the COVID19 spread in SA 

 The Health Minister who confirmed the 14000 case increase has pounded the panic button while stating that the spread of the virus in the second wave is much faster than the first wave. The previous highest single-day total was 13,944 recorded on July 24, 2020. Currently, there are 117229 confirmed COVID-19 cases across South Africa. Dr. Zweli stated that the cumulative cases as of present is 954,258 with 411 COVID19 related deaths recorded within 24 hours.


That being the second-highest daily death toll which has for the third time surpassed the 400 previous mark. Out of the newly recorded deaths, 172 we're from Western Cape, 101 from Eastern Cape, 90 in KwaZulu-Natal,  in Gauteng 34 and six in both the NorthWest and Moumalanga.  There have been 25,657 confirmed COVID-19 related cases in South Africa to date.

COVID19 spread restrictions and prevention by SA Minister of Health

The spread of the virus in the second wave within the country is predicted to surpass the first wave. This has essentially spurred the health minister to clamor for a review of the current existent restrictions. He has also pleaded with South Africans to be extra careful in observing all safety measures. The Western Cape and Gauteng make up 81% of the new cases recorded within the past 24 hours. 


Hence Dr.Zweli has stated that the situation in these provinces is monitored. And recommendations should be made based on the deduced observations that will aid in implementing measures to both combat and reduce the spread of COVID19 within

the country. The minister further stresses the need to be extra cautious this festive season. He urged that residents and citizens alike of the country should not relent on taking precaution methods. As it is glaring that COVID-19 is sadly not easing up on its attacks and therefore no one can afford to be complacent.