Tax and its benefits world wild

 Tax is an economy policy that is done globally. However, the ratio of tax depends on various factors and how the central government deems it. Today, let us look at taxes, their types, and various benefits. 

What is tax?

 Tax is allocated money that all citizens paid to their government. Depending on your level of income, you can pay more than one tax. Everyone experiences several levels of taxes. Types of taxes. There are several categories of taxation depending on your country of residence, we will look at some below. 

Corporate tax

These are taxes that firms pay to the government for doing business in the country. This tax varies depending on the sector the company is operating. Crude oil and minerals producing firms pay a higher tax than others.

 Income tax

 This tax is paid by everyone who earns a salary in the country. It is not equal though because, for most governments, you pay more tax the higher your salary. People who work in multiple organizations may be taxed more than once if they cannot synchronize the salary. 

Stamp duties

Taxes of this nature are collected when approved documents pass through appropriate channels. This tax is usually collected by financial institutions on behalf of the government. 

How does the government use taxes collected?

 There are several ways that the government uses remitted tax for, and we will discuss them. 

Paying public workers

 Yes, the government pays salaries of all public workers like health, military, citizen representatives in government. Without, taxes these essential workers won't be paid.

 Pay accrued debts

 All governments have debts which they service yearly, and taxes are one of the avenues which the government uses to p debts. 

Build hospitals and other health centers

 Health cannot be left to private individuals alone, that is why the government uses citizens tax to create good and well-equipped hospitals for its citizens. Tax is important, and that is why it is a crime for citizens to avoid tax payment, because without tax, how does the government operate?

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