Some popular interior design styles

Interior design brings charm, personality and, above all, soul to your home. Far from being a caprice or a source of superfluous expenditure as many think, it is a whole art that has its reason for being. The proof is in the pudding: there are decorating professionals, people who make a living from this art, people who have made it their job. Here are some popular interior design styles. 

The modern style

In today's modern age, where chic and bling are king, what better way to reveal the charm of your home than with modern decorating? To learn more about this form of interior design, you can try this out (this website). 

Many useful tips and tricks are mentioned, so you can decorate your home without any professional help or support. So, for the record, this style of decoration first appeared more than a century ago, more precisely in the 1920s. 

It is the work of the famous and atypical designer and architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It is a form of decoration that very often uses wood, glass, steel and even metal as materials. Furniture with satin finishes and neutral or monochromatic colours are the most common. 

The traditional style

Traditional means classic. Indeed, this form of decoration draws its source from old European practices. Here, glamour and uniqueness are combined with simplicity. The main characteristic of homes with this style is sobriety. 

Everything is in its place. Nothing overflows, the environment is comfortable and breathes tranquillity. In this style of decoration, you will see furniture with majestic, elegant shapes, mostly made of wood, mainly from rare species. 

As for the colour palettes used, we are more on neutral variations, even warm ones as far as the walls are concerned. In other words, there is a clear agreement between warm, silver and neutral colours. So, in addition to the two above-mentioned decoration styles, contemporary, industrial, rustic, transitional or bohemian styles remain equally interesting options.