Russia recalls its ambassador to the US after President Biden's attack on Putin

The cold war between Russia and the US seems to be resurfacing after the Kremlin recalled its envoy. This happened because of a remark by the US president accusing Putin of interfering in US electoral affairs.

Russia wants peace but insists that it did not tamper with the US election.


The ambassador was summoned for further consultations and the next course of action. The Kremlin stated that it was interested in peace and wanted to find a solution that would benefit all parties. read more>data protection here.  Biden had insisted that, based on the intelligence report, there is a strong possibility that Russia interfered in the last elections.


The President also said that the Russians would pay for their crimes very soon. According to political experts, if sanctions against the Russians are appropriate, the US should expect some form of retaliation. Russia has denied all wrongdoing and urged anyone with evidence to come forward. Security reports have indicated that hackers, tracked to a private facility in Moscow, attempted to penetrate the server.

Moscow recalls US envoy following President Biden's remarks

The Russian government has summoned its envoy for further talks to find a solution to deteriorating relations with the US. Russian officials said Ambassador Anatoly Antonov had been summoned to Moscow as relations with the US turn sour. The summons comes shortly after President Biden said Vladimir Putin would "pay" for his interference in the US election. In a public interview with reporters, President Biden said he thought Putin was a "murderer. '


This came after he was asked about the international report that claims Putin interfered in the last election. The research claims that the Russian leader tried to alter votes to favour Donald Trump. A spokesman for President Putin said there was no evidence to suggest such claims and that such statements could harm trade between them. US authorities intend to sanction the Kremlin before the end of the month.