How to pay the Bonaire Visitor Tax?

It has been a couple of months since various laws have been set for the payment of a visitor tax in some regions across the world. These laws state that all international tourists shall pay a tax before entering a foreign region or upon their arrival at the destination. Bonaire, an attractive island, has not escaped this new trend. Along with some official procedure, Bonaire Visitor Tax must be paid by every foreign traveler visiting the island. But how should you proceed to pay the tax if you have never been to Bonaire? Today, we are going to share with you the 3 important steps while playing the Bonaire Visitor Tax!

Fill the questionnaire

There are several steps you should follow in order to complete the Bonaire entry tax payment, and filling in a questionnaire is the first one. In fact, the visitor tax can be paid online before your departure and that is exactly when the questionnaire must be completed. 
You will just have to add the required personal data such as names, birthdate, address, email, etc within an online form.  
Next thing to do is to fill in some information about your trip, why are you heading to that specific region? Is it for business purposes, education, healthcare or tourism? They may also ask you to add up to five members of your family or group if necessary. 

Make a payment online

If you prefer to pay your tax online, everything has been set to facilitate the procedure.  From the means of payment to the duration of these financial transactions, everything is as easy as a piece of cake. First thing to do is to choose your payment method among the ones that are available on the platform. 
You may use a debit or credit card and even your PayPal account. Next thing is to validate the payment and wait for your receipt. But, if your Bonaire Visitor Tax payment has been rejected, you can receive a full refund of what you have paid. Remember that you can also pay the visitor tax once at your destination.

Get a personal QR code

Right after filling the questionnaire and proceeding to the payment, there is one more step to go through in order to complete the payment of the visitor tax. This one consists of getting a QR code that must be unique to you. That is why you should fill in your email address in the questionnaire, so that you can get your personal code up there.  
Once you have received your unique QR code, you will have to print it and keep it along with your passport. Actually, you will have to show the printed QR code at Bonaire airport as proof of the payment of the visitor tax. 
If you have followed all these steps correctly, your payment will be completed. But do not forget to pay the Bonaire Visitor Tax a week prior to traveling. This helps you avoid long lines at the entry of the island. Moreover, as we have just mentioned above, you can pay the Bonaire Visitor Tax upon arrival at the kiosks that have especially been designated for such payment. However, we highly recommend you to pay it online as the lines may be long at the airport.