Chelsea coach, Lampard job on the line as slump continues

It hasn’t been a good run of matches for the blues as their boss faces the imminent sack.

City trashing compounds Lampard woes

Chelsea lost at home to pep Guardiola Manchester city 1–3, in what was a sad day for their coach, Frank Lampard. The match was already over in 40 minutes with a 3-0 thumping. This has put pressure on the blues manager who lost to an off-form Arsenal and drew at home to Aston Villa.


Media reports have claimed that while some top management wants the ex-skipper to be given more time, others want him replaced and quickly. However, there seems to be a problem replacing Lampard. Apart from the fees, his termination will require, there seems to also be a dearth of quality coaches who can replace him.

Managers have been penciled down

Several names have been paddled around with names like out-of-job Maximo Allegri, Leicester city Brendan Rodgers and Ukraine Andrei Shevchenko. Allegri is above the ladder, however, his major impediment is that he cannot speak English, and he has never managed an English team before. Can he make an instant impression with this star-studded team?


With Brendan Rodgers, people close to him say, he will be interested in the job, however, he won’t want to leave high-flying Leicester in January. For Andre Shevchenko, the Ukraine national boss, he has been a long friend of Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich. He has also played in Chelsea before and has a better understanding of the language and league. Critics of Andrei say, he hasn’t managed a top club before and this may affect his performance at the club.


Frank Lampard knows the owner’s patience is running low, and unless the fortune changes for the team, he may soon be out of a job. It is now or never for this young English manager.