Hongkong authorities arrested about 55 activists including an American lawyer

Wednesday witnessed a huge crackdown on peaceful demonstrations, which resulted in the arrest of many demonstrators.

American barrister with about 55 activists charged


More than 55 activists which includes an American have been captured in Hongkong. Dozens of Hong Kong resistance figures, consisting American legal counselor, were captured on disruption charges Wednesday in what activists see as a shameless manner to break down the powers of free speech difference in the semi-independent Chinese domain.


Hong Kong force affirmed to reporters that about 1,100 officials were conveyed on Wednesday to capture 55 individuals for a supposed demonstration of disruption spanning about 76 areas.


Steve Li Kwai-Wah, a Top director of the Hong Kong Police Force’s public security unit, said 6 people were captured to be bribed to a supposed demonstration. At the same time, the other 49 were charged for partaking in an unlawful protest. The authorities then froze 1.7 million Hong Kong dollars ($206,000) in assets. Li stated the gathering attempted to use their power to make sure about 35 seats in the Hong Kong Legislative Council, with the point of rejecting the public authority’s spending plan, mandating the city’s chief to leave and close down the office.


Demonstration linked to political support for top officials


The plethora of demonstrators denotes the foremost gathering supporting prominent government figures under questionable public security law. China forced the enactment in Hong Kong a half year ago.


The majority of the prisoners were either actively participating or coordinating an elective position a year ago to choose an opposition leader in September’s authoritative political race. Also, residents are to be kept under the Hong Kong public security law and cell surveillance. Clancy works for the Hong Kong law office police are also assaulting ho, Tse, Wai, and Partners, found in video platforms via online media during Wednesday’s crackdown.


Clancey is an administrator of the Asian Human Rights agency and financial officer of Power for Democracy, which was one of the coordinators behind the June 2020 demonstrations.